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Physique Circuits

A class which incorporates functional training, weights and cardio while constantly moving at varied intensities for an intense full body workout. This class will improve strength, endurance and overall fitness.

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Physique Cycle Fit

An indoor cycling experience pushing the limits all to music. This is a high energy, fun group workout focusing on strength, intervals, endurance and for improving fitness levels. All fitness levels welcome.

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Physique cycle Twist

Boxercise info. Boxercise is an exercise class based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit. Although classes vary, a typical one involves skipping, hitting pads, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups. Boxercise is aimed at men and women of all ages and fitness standards. It is a fun, challenging and safe workout.

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Intensity 25

Physique Dance Flex

A 25 minutes of high intensity, calorie-burning and sweat-drenching cardio. In this 25 minutes of exercise can be just as effective at burning fat and even more efficient than 60 minutes of exercise!

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Kettle Bells

Physique Kettle Bells

This class is perfect for you if you want fast results for strength, muscle toning and endurance while challenging your cardio vascular system. Suitable for all levels of fitness.

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Physique Legs Bums & Tums

A body weight and weighted exercise designed to target your tum, love handles bums and legs. An intense burner workout to kick start your week suitable for all fitness levels.

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Physique Spring Box

A trampoline based exercise class with choreographed routines designed to give you a full body workout with the least amount of impact on your joints while having a giggle! Suitable for all fitness levels.

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Physique Stretch

The most relaxing of classes, pilates and development stretching,to help ease those muscles and joint back into alignment and gently increase your flexibility and mobility.

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* Physique reserve the right to change class times and discontinue classes.

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  • Monday 05:45 - 21:00
  • Tuesday 05:45 - 21:00
  • Wednesday 05:45 - 21:00
  • Thursday 05:45 - 21:00
  • Friday 05:45 - 21:00
  • Saturday 07:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday 08:00 - 18:00

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